The Rockstar Litter is here!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the “Rockstar Litter”!

Proud parents “Rocky” Am/Can GCh Captivatin Ain’t He A Knock-Ow’t and “Csilla” Ch Tamaron Okos Piros Csillag welcomed nine beautiful and healthy pups (5 boys, 4 girls) on October 19, 2010,  in birth order they are:
Male / Purple  –  “JT” [Justin Timberlake] 10.2 oz
Male / Navy  –  “Bono” 13.7 oz
Female / Neon Yellow  –  “Blondie” 11.7 oz
Female / Pink  –  “P!nk” 11.7 oz
Male / Orange  –  “Iggy Pop” – 12.5 oz
Female / Silver  –  “Stevie [Nicks]” 11.6 oz
Female / Lime  –  “[Joan] Jett” 12.0 oz
Male / Red  –  “[Mick] Jagger” 12.1 oz
Male / Turquoise  –  “Elton [John]” 10.3 oz
Everyone is doing great and Csilla is an intense and wonderful mother.   The puppies put on weight their first day and are shiny, plump and active.  I could not be happier!  Great job Rocky and Csilla!  You done good!
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