Moonlight Beach – Encinitas, California

About Moonlight Vizslas . . . We brought home our first Vizsla, “Csilla” in 2005.  Over the years we’ve have had many adventures together and met many new friends through the ownership of this wonderful breed.  We are so proud of our dogs and their accomplishments . . .  but first and foremost they are wonderful, loving companions who bring great amounts of joy and happiness to our home.  Living in sunny Southern California right on the coast, we wanted to take inspiration from the area for a kennel name, which is how Moonlight Vizslas came about . . . named after a local beach (above).

Well into our first decade in the breed, we’ve worked with reputable, respected and established breeders (some with 30+ years or more of experience) for advice/mentorship for our Breeding Program and Puppy Raising (especially socializing BEFORE the puppies go home).  Our goal is to produce dogs who can compete in multiple venues, Show, Hunt/Field, Rally/Obedience, Agility, Tracking . . . AND make wonderful companions.

Our Breeding Program 

We strive to only breed dogs of sound temperament, correct breed type, natural hunting ability, and overall good health.   Planning a litter is a huge undertaking which begins months (sometimes years) ahead of time.   We undertake extensive health testing before breeding; dogs are OFA cleared for Hips, Thyroid and Eyes (CERF), which adheres to the CHIC recommended health screenings for Vizslas (link to more info: CHIC certification).  Often they have PennHip, Cardiac or Elbow testing as well; there will be a multi-generational history of verifiable health clearances.

We prove our dogs in competition before breeding; both the Sire and Dam of our puppies will, themselves, be AKC Conformation Champions/Grand Champions (not just a “champion pedigree”) who are AKC and DNA Registered.  Parents will have well-bred pedigrees full of titled dogs, i.e. GCH, CH, JH, SH, MH, RN to name a few, see:  AKC Titles and Abbreviations for explanation of title(s)

When we do have puppies available, they will be adopted out with a 3-year health guarantee, and a lifetime of support and advice to the new family. For the first 8-10 weeks, our puppies are extensively socialized both inside/outside our home (new people/places/faces), cared for and raised with the highest standards possible (24 hours a day), and the foundation for crate training/housebreaking will be started.  Due to the amount of time and effort put into the Moonlight Vizslas breeding program, we are highly selective where these puppies are placed.  If, for any reason, an owner cannot keep their puppy/dog – we get first right of refusal which means the puppy/dog must be returned to us.

Moonlight Vizslas is a member of our breed’s National Club; the Vizsla Club of America (since 2009), and we abide by the club’s Code of Ethics.   Additionally, we have membership in several regional clubs; South Coast Vizsla Club (Newsletter Editor and Rescue Coordinator),andVizsla Club of Northern California, and the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club.  In 2011, we were recognized as an AKC (American Kennel Club) Breeder of Merit, and presently serve as the Vizsla Club of America Registry of Merit Chairperson.

We are happy to discuss the breed with you, and see if it is a good fit for your family and lifestyle; additionally, and you can read about the breed on our Vizsla Information webpage.  If we do not have a planned litter, we can help refer you to another Reputable Breeder, Regional Club or Rescue to find your new best friend.  Please prepare to wait 4-6 months (or more) for a puppy from any Reputable Breeder. You will find that the time and effort put into finding a puppy from a Reputable Breeder – well worth the wait.

 Karen Lake   •  Southern California  •  Email: karen@moonlightvizslas.com

(Photo by Taryn Kent – Top of Page)

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