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We have a fabulous “Extended Family” of puppy owners – below are some photos of our puppies in their new homes.  Many photos were taken during our frequent Moonlight Vizsla puppy play-dates.  Enjoy!  At the bottom of the page you’ll find some of the wonderful things our owners have to say about their dogs.

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  • Alexandra MacDonald – Thank you very much! But it’s really not me at all; she’s just a really good puppy! My neighbors at the park say how difficult puppies are, and I’m like, sorry I can’t relate… Lulu slept through the night since DAY ONE, was practically potty trained when I got her home, and she’s always listened to me, never chewed up any of my things, sits quietly playing with her toys while I work at home, comes when called, etc. And when everyone says how lucky I am, I tell them it’s not all luck: I researched breeders for a long time! 😉 I really don’t know how to thank you, which is why I always thank you! Lulu has been so wonderful and I’m so thankful I found Moonlight Vizslas and you picked Lulu for me! I feel like it was meant to be that she’s my puppy and I truly have a better quality of life with her in it! I’m sure all of your puppies’ families feel the exact same way.

  • Danielle Blake – Sorry we haven’t called earlier, but everything is awesome! He slept through the night last night and has been great throughout. He has gone potty outside perfectly and no mistakes in the house! Buster and Indiana are doing well, still sorting out their toys, but doing quite well. Indiana is a wonderful puppy and we know he will become a great dog.

  • Emily Martin – Hi Karen! I’m sitting here with a very sleepy puppy! He’s been terrific and is adjusting to his new environment with ease. From the moment he arrived he’s been curious, playful, energetic, affectionate, and attentive. His appetite is strong and he slept through most of the night. (He whined a little to let me know when he needed me to let him out of his crate and take him outside and then went straight back to sleep.) Today we’ve had a number of play/ explore sessions interspersed with naps. He’s been inquisitive and relaxed when introduced to umbrellas, the rain, his soft crate, my father’s really loud snoring, and the fire (among other things). He really is an absolute joy. Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Kirstin Maxwell – We are so lucky to have found Szikla (and you) when we did. Thanks for always being available with questions.

  • Dr Heike Kröger – Zali is doing great and is such a sweet heart – BEST decision EVER!!! Neil and I actually decided that we MUST have another Vizsla at some point (ideally from you ;))!!! Zali has completely exceeded our expectations of having a Vizsla – you matched her perfectly to us! We really appreciate that you trusted us with one of your dogs, because we know that most breeders are comprehensive towards NEW Vizsla owners, which you were too, but you gave us a chance – thank you for that!

  • Andrew Sundsmo – I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Karen Lake and Moonlight Vizslas. Karen is a dedicated steward of the breed and an amazing resource on everything from breeder recommendations to pet food and products. We were lucky enough to get our puppy, Mila, from the Rocky x Csilla litter, and she is truly a wonderful puppy. She is currently competing in AKC conformation and hunt test. I highly recommend Karen and Moonlight Vizslas; the best.

  • Ellis Family – Cami is doing great! She is very curious, playful and smart! She has learned several commands and tricks. She is very eager to learn and loves being around people. She is a great dog and we love having her in our family!

  • Steve Klett – We are just LOVING Luna – she is an absolutely wonderful dog and you were spot on in selecting her for our family. She’s about as well behaved as an energetic pup can be, really. She is BIG now, probably about 40 pounds … but hopefully is just about done growing other than filling out a bit. She’s absolutely beautiful, and just the sweetest dog I’ve ever come across. We are very happy to have her as part of the family!

  • Stephen Van Horn – I have had Vizslas for the past 20+ years and am very particular when I acquire a new one. Karen Lake of Moonlight Vizslas was very responsive to the questions I had asked about her litter of puppies and individual puppies within the litter. She also hosted an amazing web site that allowed you to view the puppies – with almost daily updates of pictures and videos. Karen was diligent in matching buyer’s requirements/wishes with puppy’s behavior, disposition, and conformation/looks. I was looking for a confident male that would not be prone to separation anxiety and had potential for hunting – so far, Ru has been exemplary on both accounts. A happy and proud owner, Steve Van Horn, Seattle, WA

  • Loren & Eileen Priddy – We highly recommend Karen as a reputable breeder and are very happy with the Vizsla puppy she chose for us. She has stayed in contact with us and is a wealth of information.

  • Jeff Provence – Karen, Thanks a million for providing a wonderful upbringing to our Orion in his first few months of life. He obviously comes from a great mom and dad, but your efforts in the early months have really helped. He has started his hunt training, loves birds and is not gun shy. He is an awesome family member! The Provence Family

  • Michelle Winklepleck – My husband and I are extremely happy with the puppy (Enzo) we received from Moonlight Vizslas!! Karen really took the time to get to know us and the other potential owners to ensure each puppy was a good fit for each home. She also made sure we were ready for a “puppy”, providing us with lots of information from nutrition to training. The puppy has been home with us for some time now and Karen continues to be a great source of information. I look to her as a mentor… she has taught me so much about showing my dog in the ring. As for the dog, he’s awesome!!! Well balanced, very handsome, and a great temperament. We couldn’t ask for a better dog.

  • Shirley Olsen – Karen was very helpful in our search for a reputable breeder. She also happily (and promptly) provided us with a lot of other helpful information regarding Vizslas.

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